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    Perfect Waves On Demand!

    New Wave Pool Surf Park coming soon to Auckland.

    Welcome aboard the Local Crew.

    We'll keep you posted on all news, events and updates.

    See you in the barrel!

  • Waves for all levels.

    Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced, Pro - Everyone gets a wave.

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    Any Size Waves

    Largest, heaviest man made waves.

    We've cracked the code and can provide bigger waves than any other man made wave on the planet.

    Dream Waves

    Let your imagination free.

    We can do any kind of wave you like - lefts, rights, steep hollow barrels, long peeling walls. You imagine it - next you're riding it.

    Guaranteed Waves

    What you want, when you want it.

    No more waiting for swell to coincide with wind and tide. At Swellplanet you get perfect waves on demand - even at night!